WhatsApp Business Solution

Send proactive alerts and notifications to 1.5 billion users across 180 countries. Deliver exceptional customer service through AI-powered bots and human agents.

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Deliver a richer communication experience using WhatsApp Business Solution

Richer Proactive Engagement

The wide reach of WhatsApp positions it as a richer alternative to SMS for proactive A2P communications. Send alerts and notifications using templates, images, file attachments and location maps for improved CX.

Seamless Customer Self-Service

Increase customer satisfaction and reduce call centre costs by using AI-powered chatbots for handling routine customer queries. Fulfil customer requests by leveraging IMIconnect’s flow builder and integration with your enterprise systems.

Contextual Agent Assistance

Retain chat history while handing over conversations between chatbots and live agents. We offer pre-built integrations with IMIchat, NICE InContact, Cisco Finesse and other enterprise customer service software.

Automate end-to-end customer journeys on WhatsApp using our Visual Flow Builder

Our flow builder offers WhatsApp Business as an integrated messaging channel and enables you to use it in combination with other advanced features such as social hour check, conditional branching, system integrations and more.

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Power seamless customer experiences using WhatsApp Business Solution

Trusted Presence

Build a recognisable and trustworthy business presence by leveraging verified badge, profile image, business description and contact information sections.

Intelligent Fallback

Track message status using real-time delivery and read receipts. Intelligently fallback to SMS for delivering time-sensitive messages in case the customer hasn’t received or seen the WhatsApp message.

Faster Time-to-Market

Start engaging with your customers on WhatsApp Business 10x faster by swapping manual coding with our visual flow builder that offers 20+ pre-built nodes for interactive communication automation.

Secure and Private Communications

WhatsApp Business conversations are encrypted end-to-end which means only the business and the customer can access the conversation.

AI-powered Conversational Engagement

Enable conversational customer engagement using our integrated NLP and AI capabilities. We offer pre-built access to 15+ NLP functions such as date/time recognition, sentiment analysis and more.

Reporting & Dashboards

Get access to detailed, real-time reports on messaging volumes, delivery rates, open rates, API requests and more to analyse and optimise your communication services.