Engage customers with contextual, well-timed and actionable messages. Our SMS gateway offers global connectivity, low-latency, high deliverability, and unmatched throughput.
Leading businesses are transforming their customer experience and unlocking revenue opportunities with IMIconnect


Easily add SMS communications to your customer journeys by integrating our RESTful messaging API with your backend systems. Our wide international coverage means you can easily get new numbers and short-codes to connect with your customers globally. Check out our Developer center for API documentation and sample code.
curl -X POST \ \
  -H 'Cache-Control: no-cache' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -H 'key: xxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx' \
  -d '{
        "text":"Sending first SMS using IMIconnect SMS APIs",

SMS features for enterprise-grade customer communications

Two-way Messaging

Enable 2-way communications over SMS, & use it as an interactive customer support and/or marketing channel

Multi-part SMS

Don't let 160 characters limit make your messages plain & soul-less. Send up to 765 characters per message with multi-part SMS support.

Unicode Support

Send messages to customers in their regional or local languages by leveraging Unicode SMS support

Bulk Messaging

Send SMS to large customer bases with low-latency and high deliverability using our enterprise-grade sms gateway

Global Reach

Leverage our wide international coverage to extend your reach. We offer global outbound messaging & inbound messaging in 85+ countries.

Brand Recognition

Turn each SMS communication into a branding opportunity by using your company name as the Sender ID

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure compliance through integrated user subscription management and opt-out checks to avoid unintentional violations

Number Lookup

Identify number format, type, carrier, country, roaming status and more to contextualise your communications and improve engagement

Route Optimization

Ensure on-time delivery of messages. Our intelligent routing algorithms select the optimal path based on traffic volumes, bandwidth & other parameters

Interactive SMS service built using IMIconnect flow builder

Build end-to-end interactive SMS journeys within minutes

If you thought calling an SMS API from your code was the only way to send or receive messages, then think again. We have plugged SMS capabilities right into our flow builder, enabling you to build interactive customer journeys quickly. Advanced capabilities include personalization, social hours check, backend system integrations, customer profile management, and database access. Sign up for your trial account today and start building flows instantly.
Get Access to Flow Designer

Make your messaging more secure with Verified SMS

With Verified SMS your customers can trust messages from your brand. The sender information shows your company name, logo and a verification badge ensuring that each message has indeed been sent by your business. Verified SMS provides additional security to prevent fraud and enables a branded SMS experience on the native Android Messages app.

Simplified Service Management

Security & Compliance

Secure handling of customer data with robust encryption. We are ISO 27001 certified and compliant with UK & EU data protection regulations.

Reporting & Dashboard

Detailed, real-time reporting of messaging volumes, delivery rates, API requests, etc. at the service level and at an individual channel level.

Role Based Access Control

Role based access control to restrict access to live services, flows, numbers, and apps to avoid accidental changes and disruptions

Faster Debugging

Quickly identify and troubleshoot issues with detailed logs, integrated debugging interface, and automated downtime alerts

Collaborative Development

Easily organise users under groups and teams when working on large cross-functional projects to delimit access to critical resources & enhance security

Support & Uptime

Enterprise grade support with access to developer community and live chat with product experts. Hosted on AWS with 99.95% uptime guarantee.