IMIconnect for Salesforce

Automate two-way customer interactions and multi-step journeys across 10+ channels including Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, SMS and more
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Deliver seamless experiences across digital touchpoints and customer journeys

Augment the existing customer communication capabilities of your Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Commerce Cloud

What does ‘IMIconnect for Salesforce’ do?

    • Easily integrate Salesforce with WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger and other channels without any coding.
    • Consume real-time event triggers from Salesforce and send proactive alerts and notifications over customers’ preferred channels.
    • Leverage NLP and AI to enable customer self-service over Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp and other channels. Seamlessly access/update Salesforce data during the conversation.

What can I use it for?

    • Send appointment reminders, order notifications, flight updates, fraud alerts and other event updates from Salesforce to customers' preferred channels like WhatsApp.
    • Open up a seamless response path across channels for customers to reschedule appointments, change delivery address, cancel flight tickets, confirm transactions and more, thereby eliminating broken journeys.
    • Automate the fulfilment of customer requests by integrating with various business systems and handling the end-to-end communication logic.

Are you a Salesforce customer?

Install IMIconnect for Salesforce from the AppExchange to enable proactive customer interactions across digital touchpoints.

One platform for all your omnichannel customer communication needs

Two-way Salesforce Integration

Consume event triggers from Salesforce and/or create, read, update or delete Salesforce objects to enable end-to-end automation of customer interactions.

Proactive Real-Time Interactions

Consume real-time event triggers from 400+ Salesforce objects and send contextual alerts and notifications over customers' preferred channels.

Time-Triggered Interactions

Configure time-based triggers to send interactive notifications for upcoming appointments or renewals, overdue payments, abandoned carts & more.

Process Builder Integration

Easily invoke IMIconnect multichannel communication flows from Salesforce Process Builder without any coding using our pre-built APEX classes.

Integrated NLP and AI

Enable conversational customer engagement across channels using IMIconnect's integrated NLP and AI capabilities.

Reports and Dashboards

Granular, near real-time reports and graphs with details of no. of event triggers and flow invocations at the Salesforce object level.