A wide variety of live use cases, datasheets, eguides and more to help you understand how IMIconnect enables businesses like yours to deliver exceptional customer experience.

IMIconnect Product Datasheet

Automate customer interactions across 10+ channels, 10x faster. Know More.

Messaging+ eGuide

Your guide to the top 7 conversational messaging channels.

SIM Swap Fraud Detection Datasheet

Identify suspicious SIM swaps on your customers’ mobile devices and prevent fraud. Know more.


Retail Case study
Transforming contact centre experience for a retail giant with a Virtual Assistant

Logistics Case study

Empowering last-mile delivery with real-time notifications for one of UK’s biggest utilities’ enterprise.

Telecom Case study

Seamlessly onboarding merchants for a UK-based telecom major to improve customer experience


Forrester Webinar

How to deliver a differentiating customer service experience in 2018?

Conversational Messaging

Why you need a platform approach to manage an increasingly complex communications landscape?

6 must-haves to transform CX

What are the key CX capabilities that help you fix broken customer journeys and transform CX?