Humanise Customer Interactions using NLP and AI

Make it easy for customers to interact with you and reduce customer service costs through automation. Seamlessly transition to live agents to handle complex scenarios.

Unlock the Power of Conversational Automation

Converse Effortlessly

Shift from a keyword-based approach to natural and rich conversations. Use natural language processing (NLP) to identify customer intent and enable effortless experiences.

Simplify Self-Service

Progress from point-and-click interfaces to AI-powered chatbots. Deliver exceptional customer self- service across multiple channels using conversational AI.

Seamless Bot-to-Agent Handover

Avoid dead ends and frustrating customer experiences. Seamlessly transition from chatbots to live agents for handling complex issues. We offer pre-built integrations with IMIchat, NICE InContact, Cisco Finesse and other systems.

Interpret customer responses, identify intent and automate fulfilment

Fully automate 2-way customer conversations such as appointment management and meter-reading submissions. Use our pre-built NLP and AI nodes to perform spell-check, cleanse data, identify intent, analyse sentiment, recognise date and time, and more.
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Leverage 14+ NLP Functions

Choose from an array of NLP functionalities like date-time recognition, sentiment analysis, entity recognition and more to automate customer interactions.

Prebuilt NLP Pipeline

Reduce manual coding by leveraging prebuilt NLP pipeline nodes to identify contextual customer intent and automate conversational customer journeys.

Channel Agnostic Experience

IMIconnect flow builder supports 10+ channels allowing you to leverage NLP & AI to automate conversations across SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, and more.

Flexible Integrations

Easily integrate with other chatbot platforms including IBM Watson, Amazon Lex, and Google Contact Centre AI.

Monitor and Optimise Bot Performance

Leverage custom logs and flow versioning to analyse past conversations and make iterative changes to improve bot performance on the go.

Debugging and Troubleshooting

Test your communication flows before go-live with built-in debugging capabilities that allow you to analyse the run-time behaviour at each step.