Deliver Frictionless CX with Contextual Integrations

Eliminate artificial boundaries of functions and systems. Rapidly integrate your communication flows with existing business systems, cloud applications or third-party APIs.

Integrations over a variety of interfaces

Orchestrate customer communications with backend systems - both one-way and two-way, across multiple digital channels.

Prebuilt Integrations

Achieve faster go-to-market by leveraging prebuilt integrations for Salesforce, Zendesk, NICE In-Contact, Cisco Finesse and other systems.

Configurable Custom Integrations

Quickly integrate with any REST or SOAP compliant systems using our configuration driven approach that's 10x faster than manual coding.

Reusable Integrations across Flows

Configure integrations once and reuse them across communication flows. Make enhancements and changes using a central integration point.

Proactive communications

Keep customers informed by sending proactive communications based on real-time triggers from existing systems like CRM, order management, and more.

Contextual engagement

Engage customers through relevant communications by leveraging CRM data, purchase history, recent events and actions, and more.

Instant Request Fulfilment

Improve customer satisfaction by eliminating manual delays. Automate end-to-end request fulfilment and offer provisioning by leveraging integrations.

IMIconnect for Salesforce

Messaging channels like SMS, WhatsApp and Messenger are fast-becoming the preferred channel for customers to interact with their service providers. IMIconnect’s integration with Salesforce enables you to trigger proactive journeys and automate multi-step interactions across 10+ channels.
  • Trigger intelligent alerts and notifications across SMS, WhatsApp, RCS and other channels
  • Fallback to alternative channels if the customer isn’t reachable or hasn’t seen the message on one channel
  • Deliver a rich communication experience by leveraging channel specific templates and features
  • Enable customer self-service on messaging channels and update Salesforce with details of conversation history