In-App Messaging

Open up a secure two-way messaging channel within your existing mobile and web apps. Use deep links, CTAs and flow integrations to build truly interactive customer experiences and end-to-end automation of customer journeys.

Leading businesses are transforming their customer experience and unlocking revenue opportunities with IMIconnect


Use our SDKs to quickly add in-app messaging to your apps

Our SDKs allow you to quickly incorporate in-app messaging into your existing Android, iOS and web applications. Once integrated, send and receive messages using flow builder or through our multi-channel messaging API.

Check out our Developer Centre for SDK documentation and sample code.

curl -X POST \ \
  -H 'Cache-Control: no-cache' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -H 'key: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx' \
  -d '{
  "deliverychannel": "rt",
  "channels": {
    "rt": {
      "senderid": "New Notification!",
      "text": "Hello Johan, here is a notifcation",
      "interactive": {
        "category": "DOUBLE_YES_NO",
        "messageref": "1234",
        "actions": [
            "action": "OPEN_URL",
            "value": "",
            "identifier": "YES",
            "pos": 1
            "action": "OPEN_APP",
            "identifier": "NO",
            "pos": 2
  "destination": [
      "userid": [

Advanced in-app messaging features for enabling seamless customer experiences

Multi-platform Support

Use IMIconnect SDKs to add in-app messaging to your Android, iOS, and web apps

Rich Interactive Messaging

Add notification buttons, images, audio/video, file attachments, or share location to build rich experiences.

Delivery Receipts

Track message delivery with timely delivery and read receipts. Set message expiry date or time to remove from the queue if not seen within a specified timeframe

Customer Segmentation

Send relevant messages to customers based on their interests, usage history, and CRM profiles. Send messages to all the recipients in a segment with a single API call.

Conversation Threads

Manage conversations across topics with the same customer under separate threads to deliver a seamless messaging experience

Deep Linking

Create smooth customer experiences using deep links that directly open a specific page within your app

Intelligent Device Sync

Outbound messages are automatically sent to all devices used by the same customer. Read status and notifications are synced across devices.

Messaging Templates

Create rich, cross platform in-app messaging templates and reuse them across flows within a service.

Data Security

Encrypt messages at rest as well as messages in transit to ensure security of your customer interaction data.


A customer journey that uses in-app messaging in conjunction with SMS

Enrich your customer communications mix with in-app messaging

Enable in-app messaging using an integrated multi-channel messaging platform that supports all customer communication channels. Leverage flows and integrations to support end-to-end automation and build differentiating experiences.

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Simplified Service Management

Security & Compliance

Secure handling of customer data with robust encryption. We are ISO 27001 certified and compliant with UK & EU data protection regulations.

Reporting & Dashboards

Detailed, real-time reporting of messaging volumes, delivery rates, API requests, etc. at the service level and at an individual channel level.

Role based Access Control

Role based access control to restrict access to live services, flows, numbers, and apps to avoid accidental changes and disruptions

Faster Debugging

Quickly identify and troubleshoot issues with detailed logs, integrated debugging interface, and automated downtime alerts

Collaborative Development

Easily organise users under groups and teams when working on large cross-functional projects to delimit access to critical resources & enhance security

Support & Uptime

Enterprise grade support with access to developer community and live chat with product experts. Hosted on AWS with 99.95% uptime guarantee.