Configure, not Code

Quickly build multichannel customer experiences with our Visual Flow Builder. Say goodbye to extensive to coding. Seamlessly integrate customer interactions with your backend systems.

Rapidly Build new customer journeys faster

Deliver exceptional multichannel customer experiences by launching new customer journeys instantly using our low-code toolset. Interact with customers on new channels without reengineering your existing backend systems.

Drag & Drop Interface

All the ingredients you need for a fully automated customer journey available as prebuilt nodes in our drag-and-drop flow designer.

One Click Deployment

Build, test and deploy your communication flow with a single click. Setup end-to-end automated customer journeys on a serverless environment

Flexible Flow Invocation

Invoke flows to respond to business system events through API calls, file drops, or customer events such as incoming messages or location changes

Multichannel Messaging with In-built Templates

Build rich experiences faster with in-built messaging templates configured within the ‘Send’ and ‘Receive’ nodes, across 10+ messaging channels.

Data Processing and Storage

Convert data from external API calls into a suitable format for further processing. Use the integrated database node to store contextual information.

Data Security

Encrypt customer data and apply cryptographic hash within flows to handle sensitive data with complete security

Powerful features to build customer communication flows quickly

Intelligent Business Logic

Incorporate customer preferences, dynamic system responses or stored data to build intelligent business logic that enables contextual communication with your customers

Real-time Debugging

Step through every instance of a flow execution – node-by-node, to troubleshoot and debug issues.

Automate and Iterate

Build and deploy complex flows effortlessly in a low-code, serverless environment. Make iterative changes with ease using flow versioning and templates.

Audits Logs

Maintain a log of user activity and flow edits. Efficiently identify the underlying causes in case of any issues.

Elastic Scalability

Say goodbye to downtime during peak engagement intervals. Our runtime engine scales automatically as your transaction volumes increase.

Disaster Recovery

Assured low latency and business continuity with data and application redundancy with multi-zone active-active configuration.