5 WhatsApp Business features that make it a CX Game Changer

With 1.5 billion1 monthly users across 1802 countries, WhatsApp clearly dominates personal communications across the world.  From one-to-one text messaging and group chats to sharing photos and videos with friends and family, consumers use WhatsApp for a wide variety of communications. Now, with the launch of WhatsApp Business API, businesses can also use it for sending critical communications such as payment notifications, reservation updates, appointment confirmation and more. In addition, businesses can use WhatsApp for extending seamless customer service and support to customers around the world.


For enterprises looking to enhance their customer experience, this could potentially prove to be a game changer. To help you understand how here are five key WhatsApp Business features which enable businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Verified Business Profile

WhatsApp enables you to build a recognisable and trustworthy profile with a green checkmark badge that confirms brand authenticity and helps customers distinguish genuine business accounts from personal or fake ones. Additionally, you can add key contact information like business name, address, working hours etc., for customers’ reference. One key benefit of WhatsApp Business Solution is that once customers add your number to their address book, they can locate your account and previous interactions simply by searching for your name.


Contact Regulations

Compared to a channel like email where customers’ inboxes are cluttered with promotional messages and spam, WhatsApp requires customers to provide explicit consent and opt-in to receive specific types of communications. This makes the channel better suited for keeping customers informed of things they actually care about. Further, only pre-approved templated messages are allowed for proactive contact reducing the chances of misuse.

Rich Media Messaging

While an obvious benefit of messaging apps, the ability to send and receive rich media content certainly ranks amongst the top five WhatsApp Business features. From travel itineraries and bank statements to movie tickets and order notifications, the ability to send images and PDFs instead of a plain and simple SMS enables you to deliver rich and engaging customer experiences.


End-to-End Encryption

Another important feature of WhatsApp Business is its end-to-end encryption. WhatsApp Business ensures end-to-end encryption of all messages, which means that your interaction with customers is completely secure and private. Amidst the rising security attacks and data leak threats, this feature from WhatsApp is bound to be a significant value-add for your customers.

Read and Delivery Receipts

WhatsApp Business APIs allow you to track whether the customer has received and read your messages. This opens up the possibility of using WhatsApp in combination with other channels to improve customer contact rates for critical communications such as flight delays or cancellations. For example, you can use WhatsApp as the primary communication channel for sending flight-delays or cancellation alerts and fallback to voice in case the customer does not see your WhatsApp messages within a reasonable time.

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