IMIconnect Product Update – January 2018

The last few months have been very exciting for us at IMIconnect. We have made several enhancements to the product to make it easier for you to build and manage seamless customer experiences across channels. At the same time, we have seen our customers use IMIconnect for a completely new range of use cases and innovative customer journeys that reaffirms the growing need for a centralized platform for automating customer journeys across channels.

We can’t wait to share with you what we’ve built. Here are the key updates:

Rich Communications Services (RCS) – Beta Access

RCS is a set of GSMA defined communication standards aimed at enhancing the mobile messaging experience for end consumers. Already launched by 50 operators in 27 countries, it combines the ubiquity of SMS with the richness of IP messaging. Some of the key features offered by RCS that makes it a richer alternative for customer communications than SMS include:

  • Verified presence and custom branding to aid brand recognition and customer trust
  • Rich and Interactive UI elements such as cards and attachments
  • Simpler and faster messaging experience for the end customers through suggested responses


All these features are available right inside the customer’s SMS inbox. IMImobile is a part of Google’s Early Access Program for RCS. Please reach out to us if you would like to receive early access.

Flow Versioning

Starting this release, we are introducing flow versioning to make it easy to track iterative enhancements to your IMIconnect flows. Every published flow on IMIconnect is now versioned by default. You can make iterative changes and test the edited flow without affecting the live service by creating a working draft. Once the draft version is production ready you can make it live and it will be deployed with a higher version number. You can view and/or roll back to any previous version of a flow at any time



A new app tray application is now available for generating and capturing custom logs. You can define the custom data attributes to be captured under logbook definition, along with the file rotation policy and destination URLs such as FTP, SFTP or Amazon S3 locations. Once the logbook has been configured, the data attributes can be accessed under the custom logs tab, available on every node in a flow.

Flow Notes

‘Notes’ is our new collaboration tool aimed at making flow development and editing easier when working in large teams. Accessible through the top right notepad icon on flow canvas, ‘Notes’ allows you to add inline comments regarding flow logic, node configuration, or any other contextual information.

Partial Email Templates

IMIconnect now allows you create partial email templates (i.e. reusable email components such as headers, footers, or body) and dynamically combine two or more of these partial templates inside the flow to create a full emailer. The templates can be selected manually while creating the flow or the template IDs can be passed as API parameters while triggering the flow.
This allows you to reuse email components such as header or footer across various emails instead of having to recreate a full email template every time. In addition, you can also test partial templates in the template creation screen by selecting a list of partial templates.

New UI for Services Dashboard

Services dashboard has an all-new look and feel now. The new design displays 16 services instead of the previous 12 and indicates the service status through colour codes (for example, red indicates alerts that need your attention). In addition to the usage stats, each service card now displays the communication channels and system integrations used in that service.

Hub Secret for Call-Backs

We have added an option for you to add a key to the header for the call-backs and inbound forwards. This is an optional feature on a service level added to enhance call-back security. Notifications can be signed by adding a Hub Secret field to the service settings.

Event filters

The type(s) of delivery status notifications submitted to a call-back URL can now be configured in the ‘Service General Settings’.

InContact integration

InContact customer service platform is now available as a new CCSP integration on IMIconnect for the enterprise tier customers. This integration enables two-way conversation with agents and three-way conversation with two agents on all supported messaging channels via IMIconnect Chat engine.

IMIconnect SDK updates

App developers can now use JWT as an extra layer of security to protect the user data while communicating via the SDK. New UI SDK module for in-app messaging reduces the time and effort of building a new in-app messaging experience. The module is optional and is specifically designed for enabling agent assisted customer service over in-app messaging.

Hope you will find the above enhancements useful. Try them and do share your experience with us. We look forward to hearing from you.