Introducing IMIconnect: Build scalable, end-to-end multichannel customer communications flows within minutes

Imagine this — your car breaks down on the motorway and you need roadside assistance. You simply open Facebook Messenger on your phone, search for your insurance provider and send them a message asking for help. The system at the other end identifies you, asks you to share your location via the Messenger app itself and proceeds to find the nearest mechanic. You can then track their arrival time and in the meantime receive useful tips about how to stay safe, emergency numbers etc. – all within the Messenger app.

Here is another scenario. Let us say you are traveling abroad and you are trying to login to your bank account. The bank’s system generates a one-time password and sends it over SMS as it normally does even when you are at home. Due to international roaming issues, the SMS does not reach you. However, the bank’s system is intelligent enough to detect the SMS failure and automatically initiates an automated voice call. You answer the call and the OTP is readout to you.

Have we tickled your imagination yet? One last example – you have had issues with mobile data connectivity while at underground tube stations. Your mobile operator’s system detects this and sends you an interactive app push notification letting you know about the availability of underground Wi-Fi. You tap a button within the message, receive further details and then go on to activate the Wi-Fi service.

Now, what are some common aspects across these scenarios? Firstly, they are all great customer experiences – no apps to download, no fumbling around with forgotten passwords, no waiting on IVRs to speak to an agent. Secondly, they are all micro-interactions on messaging or voice channels, very specific to a particular customer context. Thirdly, the journeys are either initiated by the customer or triggered by a business system based on detecting a particular event. Finally, the journeys include automated fulfilment of the customer’s requests, not simply logging the request somewhere for an agent to pick up and process manually.

Several large or mid-size consumer businesses have an imminent need to deliver dozens or even hundreds of such customer journeys, but it is not practical to develop each one individually using a traditional programming-intensive approach. It will cost too much, take too long and will be a nightmare to maintain and evolve so many separate applications.

We have designed and developed IMIconnect so you can create and launch exactly these types of customer experiences. It acts as a central unified environment within which you can build, execute, monitor and evolve multiple customer journeys, across multiple channels without reengineering any of your existing backend systems.

The key value drivers within IMIconnnect include:

1. Pre-integrated, out-of-the-box channels – global connectivity for SMS and voice, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, app push notifications, in-app messaging, WeChat, RCS and Email. We keep up with underlying changes with all these channels so you don’t have to.

2. Integrations with your backend systems – whether they are homegrown or commercial, whether they expose proprietary interfaces or REST/SOAP APIs, whether you want to integrate over public internet or through a secure private VPN tunnel. Integrations, once configured, can be reused across multiple journeys.

3. Visual drag-and-drop flow builder to create customer journeys and deploy them into a fully integrated high-performance execution engine.


4. Scalable Cloud Platform – One-click deployment with automated elastic scalability to support spikes in transaction volumes typical in enterprise customer engagement scenarios

5. Intelligent Routing – Intelligent routing of messages based on costs, priority or customer availability and preferences to reduce costs of communication, cater to customer preferences and comply with contact policies

6. Service management and monitoring – Centrally manage all your customer communications with real-time reporting on service health, delivery rates, throughput and latency


As product managers, it has been an incredibly gratifying experience for us to start with a vision for the product, work with our development counterparts to get the product developed and see it in use today by leading businesses across sectors such as banking, telecom, logistics, utilities and travel for exactly the types of use cases we had envisioned.

We hope you enjoy using IMIconnect as much as we have enjoyed defining and developing it.

We look forward to hearing from you and an opportunity to get you started with our trial programme.