Enterprise Cloud Communications Platform with Visual Flow Builder

Rapidly build, test and launch omnichannel communication workflows in a low-code, serverless environment. Alternatively, use our APIs to communicate over 10+ channels from any application.

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Leading businesses are transforming their customer experience and unlocking revenue opportunities with IMIconnect

Easily Automate Customer Communications within Minutes

Visual builder for multichannel flows with custom business logic

  • Leverage our drag-and-drop editor with powerful building blocks (nodes) to automate customer journeys within minutes. Flexibly extend functionality at each node using your own JavaScript code.
  • Seamlessly weave multiple backend systems and 10+ communication channels in your workflows.
  • Trigger flows using APIs, webhooks, file drops, event scheduler, backend system events or incoming messages.
  • Easily test, deploy, and make iterative changes to your flows in a secure and scalable serverless environment.

Full-featured APIs for 10+ channels including SMS, Voice, Push, In-App, Email, WhatsApp

  • Reach customers globally with reliable and fast international SMS and voice routes while we handle underlying routing complexities.
  • Go beyond just send and receive. Get full-featured capabilities for every channel including rich messaging templates and buttons.
  • Send push notifications and in-app messages using Android, iOS and JavaScript SDKs.
  • Create end-to-end flows using our visual application builder or use our flexible APIs to add comms in your web/mobile apps.

Seamlessly integrate enterprise applications into your workflows for end-to-end automation

  • Leverage pre-built integrations with CRM, marketing, and contact center systems to consume events, process data, or trigger actions.
  • Flexibly integrate with any backend system over a variety of interfaces, including REST/SOAP APIs, message queues, FTP/sFTP.
  • Expose custom integrations as reusable nodes across flows and quickly weave multiple systems into your customer journeys.

Drive customer engagement with intelligent, context-aware messaging

  • Improve customer experience using social hour and consent checks, contact policies, and rule-based channel routing.
  • Build and manage comprehensive customer profiles along with their channel IDs. Securely access the data via both nodes and APIs.
  • Maximize response rates using powerful features such as geofencing, smartlinks, and deep linking.

Enable omnichannel communication and powerful automation capabilities in Contact Centers

  • Leverage pre-built connectors for NICE inContact, BT Cloud Contact, Cisco Finesse & other CCSPs to reduce integration times.
  • Integrate existing contact center systems with our Chat Engine to extend support over Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, SMS, FB Messenger, Twitter DM & more.
  • Trigger IMIconnect flows from agent desktop to fulfil customer requests e.g. order provisioning and appointment rescheduling.
  • Build advanced NLP or menu driven chatbots and seamlessly transfer conversations to agents as needed.

Advanced Enterprise-Grade Features

  • Hierarchical account structure with role based access control (RBAC) and comprehensive audit trails
  • Centrally manage all your services in a high performance cloud environment with 99.95% uptime and elastic scalability
  • Ensure data security using encryption of data at rest, and ISO 270001 certified environment
  • Real-time service monitoring with detailed delivery and read receipts for each channel, usage metrics and custom logs
  • Private cloud hosting and implementation services available on-demand
  • 24X7 support, dedicated account management, API documentation, developer resources and live chat with product experts

What can you do with IMIconnect?

Rapidly Launch New Customer Journeys

Quickly add new channels to your communications mix. Build and launch multichannel customer journeys 10X faster using our visual designer, powerful building blocks, and reusable integrations.

Enable Frictionless Omnichannel CX

Deliver context-aware customer experience across channels. Achieve end-to-end automation by fully orchestrating customer communication flows with backend processes.

Drive Customer Engagement

Reach your customers at the right time, on the right channel, with the right message by configuring social hours, consent checks, channel priorities, geofences, and smartlinks. Open up 2-way interactions for consumers to reply, chat and engage further.

Be Agile and Responsive

Extend platform capability to add new channels and system integrations with zero disruptions. Make iterative changes to your flows – content, logic or routing – within minutes.

Reduce Complexity by Going Serverless

Get rid of deployment and hosting challenges by leveraging our serverless architecture. Instantly launch complex communication flows on our platform with zero DevOps.

Centrally Manage All Your Customer Journeys

Streamline CX management. Configure, manage and monitor all your customer journeys, spread across multiple channels and systems, using a single enterprise-grade platform.

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